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Broken PC? Laptop needs fixing? TV and phone past their prime? JCϟPC is here for all your repair needs. When possible, we use original parts for repairs, so anything you bring to us will be returned to you in the best condition possible. Feel free to drop us an email with any questions you may have, we’re invested in customer service and are always happy to help.


Our Services

JCϟPC works hard to provide all customers with excellent services at the best price point. When you need a professional repair solution, trust the pros. Take a look at our services below to learn more.

A short statement containg your problems will be required for us to give a estimated quote. All repairs are subject to a full analysis, and a brief description of the issues will be provided before any payment is sought out. 

We do ask you take millage into consideration with your order. This keeps costs low for all parties involved and also ensures no unexpected costs are added to the bill. Please see the pickup and drop off page for more information.

We also offer a free, professional, deep clean of your device with all repairs to show our appreciation for your custom.

Hardware Repair

This includes any electronic paraphernalia in need of physical component repair or replacement. Our first port of call would be to repair what is already in situe. If this is not possible, we will always aim to use OEM products specific to the manufacturer assigned to the make and model of your item. Where it is not possible to use original parts, we endevour to source the next best thing. For example: a manufacturer may no longer exist or a seperate company has bought the rights to produce all/specific elements. This is all at your discretion and nothing will be done without your permission. Meaning you can choose to have a replacement if a repair is not of interest.


Software Repair

Software repairs comprises of virus removal, file recovery, debugging and operating systems being reinstalled. This service is mainly aimed at personal computers and laptops alike. Tv's and small elctronics such as phones, tablets and gaming devices also fall under this catagory.

Custom Request

This can be from a complete PC build such as desktops ranging from micro ATX to full ATX towers, built-in desk PC's or maybe you want a stereo inside ammo box or jerry can. We invite you to challange our skills. Maybe you're just looking for a specific electronic part and want to know if we can source a replacement for your convenience. Even just a simple cleanup falls within this section. 
This is one of our most popular services for both new and returning clients. Appointments fill up fast, so Feel free to reach out with any questions for our team, and make sure to book your slot today.


Win our services

Every month we hold a mini raffle for our customers. You can purchase a ticket on its own, exchange electronic goods in return for a ticket or simply be entered automatically by purchasing one of our services. All tickets are entered in to a random number generator and are announced on the 1st of every month. Check out our raffle page to see if your a winner. If you are one of our subscribers, you will automatically recieve the winners email. subscribe now, so you dont miss out.


At JCϟPC we aspire to play our role in making the planet a cleaner place to live, and understand the importance of passing our knowledge on to the next generation, so that they can improve the standards in which we (and everyone else) should be living up to. For example, landfill sites are a huge drain on our economy and an absolute travisty that so many electonics are being disposed of in this unforgivable manner. After many people requesting us to take old electronics off their hands, we decided to incorperate our free recycling service into our business model. Your more than welcome to send us your electronics for this service, but we do understand its not always the best option. So if you live within 15 miles of DE11 we will arrange a time slot for a pickup free of charge. Outside of this radius is subject to £1 a mile to cover expenses. We ask a minimum of 10 small items to be bundeled together or at the very least one large item, in order to make the trip ecological. Please see our Free-Cycle page for more information.


3D Prints

JCϟPC is proud to offer a 21st century service. We aquired an Artilery Sidewinder Pro in order to provide the population with a cheap alternative of going to a product manufacturer in order to have a design manifested. One off prints is what we specialise in. this service is aimed at the designer who would like to see their product come to fruition, without all the fuss of meetings and expences being involed. We tend to get a lot of design students from all walks of life and industries just wanting a single print to show their workings in a presentation. please be aware, this is not a fast process and time slots are a commodity. We suggest completely finalising your CAD's before you contact us for this service.

Laser engraving

Be Patient!!


why choose us ?

Between us we have over 20 years of experience of repairing both desktops and laptop based systems, from hardware to software issues, we've covered it all so we can guarantee you that whatever problem your having with your pc or laptop we will be able to tackle it.  we understand the frustration of your system encountering a problem, let us take the headache out of your day as we've made it our passion to overcome them.

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