Electronics we accept  for recycling

If it needs power, bring it to ours!...well, arrange a pick-up, seeing as we are 'Pick-up and Drop-off' service

If you have old electronic parts that are cluttering up your space or you simply cannot use anymore, we will take them off your hands for a discount on our services, check the lists below to see if you have any electronic that fit the criteria.

depending on what you give use we will provide an adequate discount.


Spare parts/ Small electronics 5%

Large electronics 10%

small electronics

- Mobile phones
- Tablets
- Handheld consoles
- Portable tape/CD players
- Old vape mods
- Small drills/rotary tools
- Cameras
- Dictaphones

large electronics

- TV's
- Monitors
- PC's
- Laptops
- Drills and other tools


Spare parts

- Motherboards
- Laptop chargers
- Laptop/PC screens