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JC/PC started out as a pastime hobby between two brothers. Helping people with their electronic issues for very little in return, mostly as a favour or in exchange for unwanted electronic goods. As time has gone by and demand for quality service has increased, we made the executive decision to turn our hobby into a business. The most pertinent solution to keep on top of orders, requests and questions. From desktops to laptops, tv's to phones, SATNAV's to stereos and everything in between, theres very little that we havent repaired or tinkered with.

When it comes to question, it boils down to two siblings having an ultimate passion for everything electronic, with a craving for the satisfaction of helping people with their personal dilemmas in everyday life. Repairing electronics just plays a small part in our drive to endorse the family tradition of the Cutting household.

Ralph Walter Cutting: 1932- 2012

' It's better to know a little about a lot, than a lot about a little.'

Our team has two dedicated workshops working 7 days a week, though we only pick-up and drop-off 5 days a week (unless your a platinum member, in which case we work around you). We try to keep as much business as in-house as possible. We dont own a physical store, which keeps overheads down and allows us to offer you a better service at a lower cost than our competitors. We made this decision as over the years, weve seen around 32 repair shops being liquidated in the midlands area alone (some of which are dear friends). All due to a rise in expenditure, which is unlikely deminish due to inflation. We bypassed this blockade and designed a business model to work for both the customers convenience and keeping our profit margins at a fair but sustainable level. Meaning we can stick around for a lot longer in order to help as many people as we can and have staff dedicated to customer service.

We're not into all this 'contact us for a price' B*#@*%*t. Whenever possible we try to steer clear of this approach, becuase people just want to know a price and dont want to sit on the end of a phone for hours/wait days for a reply, without knowing if they're being ripped off or not. Though Im sure it's understandable, we can't always be 100% accurate, as its hard to quote a fixed price if there is a multitude of problems or we have an insufficient description due to lack of understanding or knowledge of electronics. Which is why we offer a 'No fix, No fee' policy and give a detailed summary of issues with a total cost before any payment is requested.

Our family isnt just skilled in electronics. We have a long history of recognised qualifications in manual labour such as level 3 NVQ joinery and brickwork, aviation security (AVSEC) 'level E' with strict regulations in bomb detection using 'Smiths' and 'Rapiscan' x-ray machines, office/field based team managment while being Six Sigma Green Belt certified (CSSGB). Also having years of experience in Tug-driving and air marshalling as well as a national diploma in 'media and filmography'. Two of us have been trained in first aid and one accredited in intermediary firefighting.

The purpose of this page is to give you a better understanding of who we are and what we do. We're hard working, not afraid to get our hands dirty in order to get the job done and always up for learning something new. But like most families in this day in age, cancer decided to take us down a new path in life. Which provided us the opportunity to showcase our skills in a completely different manner, bringing us closer together and more determined than ever to do what it takes in order to succeed.

Hopefully this has given you an adequate insight into the Cutting philosophy. But if you have any questions about us or would like to know more, then hit the button below and test the waters. We will be more than happy to answer any queries.


Josh Cutting

Repair Technician / Founder

Names Josh, I am the youngest of the two been building and fixing pc's and electronics for over a decade now and it quickly became a passion of mine, this lead to me tinkering with other electronics and further developing the passion. i love fixing pc's and i get how frustrating they can be when they do don't as they say, something that I've grown a great patience to over the years, in the end be it hardware or software issues i can sort it no problem, i've got over a decade and a half of fixing, servicing, upgrading, downgrading, soldering, re-wiring pc's and other electronics.

Rest assured that if youve got a problem with your pc or any other electronic's my brother and i will sort it.


Stu Cutting

Freelance-Repair Technician/ Co-Founder

Names Stu, I am the eldest of the two, like my brother i also developed a passion for repairing electronics, our father taught us many skills with our hands growing up as he was a joiner by trade you see, this lead us to have a knack for fixing and repairing things, over the years we've done multiple projects together ranging from PC repairing to full custom builds, from TV repairs to laptop servicing, all the way down to smaller electronics like phones.